Thomason Semi-automatic Filling Machine for Powders model ATHINA/1 S with One Auger Filling System with encoder for filling range 300 to 1000 grms. For different filling range we offer extra product auger screws. Stainless Steel conical feeding hopper 30 litrs capacity with agitator. Electronic control of the auger rotation. Electronic weight scale working in combination with the Auger System for accurate filling process. (Optional) The rotation of the Auger is adjusted by inverter.

Foot petal operation/or signal operated. The machine outside frame is made out of Stainless Steel 304 and all product contact parts are made out of Stainless Steel316L. Easy to adjust from one size of bottle/jars to another. Manual loading and unloading of the bottles/jars. Very flexible machine, ideal for low productions up to 900-1100 BPH depending on the operator, the filling product and bottle size. Level control system for the product hopper.