Thomason Automatic Rotary Capping Machine, Model PEGASUS can be supplied with Four to Twelve Capping Heads according to the output requirements. Magnetic Capping Heads with Crimpers or Vacuum to collect the caps from the cap distribution disc and place them on the bottle neck and then close them by means of screw or press-on. Suitable for plastic screw and push-on caps, as well as for metal twist caps with manual torque adjustment. The Pick and Place Capping process ensures precision cap placement for difficult caps, on the bottle neck.

Automatic cap Shouter to feed the caps on the cap distribution disc to be collected by the Capping Heads (Pick and Place). Motorized adjustment for the capping heads height and for the cap shouter, to accompany different bottle sizes in height. Continues rotation of the capping turret with adjustable speed controlled by inverter. Machine gradual increase/decrease speed automatically according to the bottles flow on the inlet conveyor. Centralized lubrication for capping turret. Adjustable clutch for the inleUoutlet star-wheels as well as for the infeed worm screw to stop the machine in case of bottle jammed to avoid breakage and product spillage.

Worm-screw in-feed for smooth operation. (for difficult bottles, double wormscrew is apply) The PEGASUS can be supplied as a stand-alone machine or combined and connected with our filling machines. If is connected to our fillers, the automation is controlled from the PLC of the filling machine. If the machine will be supplied as stand-alone machine, is offered with PLC (B&R) and colored TFT touch screen for user-friendly operation and parameters adjustment. Stainless Steel Auxiliary control panel at the front of the machine base. The machine outside frame and doors are made out of

Stainless Steel 304 and where is needed we can offer construction made out of Stainless Steel 316L. Easy and quick change over from one size of bottle and cap to another with quick release change parts. Fault diagnostic information on the touch screen. Safety guards in one stainless steel structure incorporated together with the machine base and with its access doors for maintenance and adjustments, in plexi-glass, controlled by Safety switches for security. All in accordance with safety regulations with the European Community safety regulations (CE).

AudioNisual alarm (light indicator if the machine is in fault) Cap elevators with various sizes of feeding hoppers are available to ensure long cap feeding autonomy. (Optional) Ethernet connection for technical assistance on line from our technical department. (Optional) lnleUoutlet Conveyor with adjustable speed by electronic inverter working with combination of the rotation speed of the capping turret. Servo Motor for the Capping Heads rotation for high precision electronic torque adjustment from the touch screen. (Optional) PEGASUS models are high speed machines with speed reaching from 2500 to 16000 BPH, depending on the number of Capping Heads, bottles and caps shape.

For unstable or irregular shape of bottles we are offering bottle pockets system with endless return conveyor. The same machine can be supplied with ROPP capping heads for metal Pilfer Proof caps, as model PEGASUS-PP and special closing system for Trigger and Pump caps as model PEGASUS-TR. The PEGASUS models are customized to the needs of their customers always ensuring construction quality and efficiency at the highest level.