Labeling Machines

Thomason Labeling machines are conceived to meet all users needs, according to output capacities required or packaging varieties. Thanks to the high engineering flexibility, the machines outstanding characteristics are specifically conceived for high performances in all production processes. Our life-long experience and ceaseless efforts towards cutting edge technologies let all our machine models guarantee the required production rates, utmost packaging accuracy and low operational costs. Both materials and building technology guarantee to Thomason labelling machines best performances in high workload conditions. Their reliability and user friendly technology make our labellers the number one choice for small and medium-size business. The labelling requests of our customers and their satisfaction are the top priority for us and we meet these requirements with our personal commitment and our innovating labelling machines to meet all range of applications and capacities. Advanced production technologies and high quality materials make these machines able to meet tough work loads at low and high speed production rates.

Our unlimited labelling solutions are:

  • Self-Adhesive, Linear, Rotary and Stand along dispensers
  • Wet Glue, Linear and Rotary
  • Hot Melt
  • Mixed label combinations

Our Solutions

Thomason Linear Labelling Self-Adhesive Machine LEDA-AD, is suitable for the application of labels front and back on Flat - Oval - Square - Rectangular bottles and Partial or Wrap-Around label on Cylindrical containers. LEDA-AD can be offered with up to Four Labels on the same container depending on the containers and labels to be applied.

Thomason Rotary Labelling Self-Adhesive Machine NEFELI-AD, is a Multi-Labelling suitable for the application of labels on Cylindrical, Conical, Square based, Oval and Rectangular containers. NEFELI-AD can be offered with up to Five labels on the same container depending on the machine model and labels to be applied.