ATHINA/4-18/4-8 with Rotary Continues Motion for Smooth Operation. This model starts with Four Filling Heads and Four Capping Heads and can be offered up to Eighteen Filling Heads with Eight Capping Heads, according to the outputs requirements. Motorized height adjustment for the Filling and Capping Turrets and for the cap shouter, to accompany different bottle sizes in height. Continues rotation motion adjustable speed controlled by inverter. Machine gradual increase/decrease speed automatically according to the bottles flow on the inlet conveyor. Centralized lubrication. Adjustable clutch for the inlet/outlet star-wheels as well as for the in-feed worm-screw to stop the machine in case of bottle jammed to avoid breakage and product spillage. Worm-screw in-feed for smooth operation. (for difficult bottles, double worm-screw is applied)