Thomason Rotary Labelling Self-Adhesive Machine NEFELI-AD, is a Multi-Labelling suitable for the application of labels on Cylindrical, Conical, Square based, Oval and Rectangular containers. NEFELI-AD can be offered with up to Five labels on the same container depending on the machine model and labels to be applied. For special applications we can offer this model with mixed label combinations such as Self-Adhesive + Cold Glue, Self-Adhesive + Hot melt. Machine gradual increase/decrease speed automatically according to the bottle flow on the inlet conveyor. The container rotation is driven by a traditional mechanic system involving a toothed sector system and a programmed cam.

A correct and accurate application of each label is possible thanks to the holding heads (upper bottle holding turret) and the containers bottom holding plates. Heavy duty structure covered with stainless steel covers. Change over parts for different bottle sizes is easy and fast without the use of tools. Designed to be reliable and user­friendly they are versatile in every production contest: from small to large business. Each machine is characterized by a specific design in order to meet the packaging customization. The NEFELI-AD model is developed and produced in small and compact versions for small capacities as well as for high performance and high speed machines from 1200 up to 20.000BPH.