Thomason Linear Labelling Self-Adhesive Machine LEDA-AD, is suitable for the application of labels front and back on Flat - Oval - Square - Rectangular bottles and Partial or Wrap-Around label on Cylindrical containers. LEDA-AD can be offered with up to Four Labels on the same container depending on the containers and labels to be applied. Each label dispenser has an electronic input device for the labeling parameters. The speed of the conveyor is synchronized with the speed of the label dispensers by electronic encoder. Heavy duty structure covered with Stainless Steel covers. Bottle Centring device by side belts for oval shaped bottles.

Overbelt Conveyor, synchronized with inverter to hold the flat and oval bottles on the conveyor belt during labelling process. Photocell for label stop with automatic self-regulation for the reading of different colours of label. Wrap-Around side belt for cylindrical bottles. (Optional) Designed to be reliable and user-friendly they are versatile in every production. High precision machine with speed up to 5000 BPH depending on the label size and bottle shape. Self-Adhesive labelling stations based on adjustable slides with adjustments in all axis.