This Monoblock is based on a Volumetric (Piston) Filling System with the typical advantage and flexibility to fill many kinds of products with Low to High Viscosity such us Liquid Detergents, Cosmetics, Lube Oils, Brake Fluids, Edible Oils and Olive Oils, Ketchup, Tomato Paste, Mayonnaise, Hot Sauce, Syrups, Jam as well as Salad dressings containing small pieces (filled with special 3-WAY Rotary Valves). The volume is adjustable without change parts, from the main panel, by electric motor and is common for all the Volumetric Cylinders. The Volumetric Cylinders are working with Cam and this gives the advantage of Very High dosing accuracy of ±. 0.25%. Double inlet screw that allows to treat very difficult containers such as light shaped PET bottles. Several types of filling nozzles are available, according to the filling products, specially designed to avoid product drops. Neck centering system for correct positioning of the bottle under the nozzle. Bottom-up filling system is also available for difficult and foaming products.

Many combinations of filling volumes starting from 20ml to 5000ml bottles and according to the number of Filling/Capping Heads the production can go up to 18.000 BPH depending on the bottle size. The Monoblock Filling/Capping ensures smooth transfer from the filling turret to the Multi head capping turret which is available for all kind of plastic caps, screw-on or push-on or metal twist and screw caps. Magnetic type Capping Heads with manual torque adjustment or Servo-motor drive Capping heads for difficult and sensitive capping applications with electronic torque adjustment from the PLC. Pick and Place capping process is also available for most of the capping applications to ensure high performance of cap placement on the bottle neck.

Possibility of synchronization with Seamer Machines, in case of metal cylindrical cans Air Rinsing or Water Rinsing turret is available on the same base as Uni block System.