This Monoblock is based on Stainless Steel Flow Meters Filling System, designed to fill Still Water, Juices, Dairy. This special type of filling valve has been researched and developed so as not to require contact between bottle and filling valve, thereby guaranteeing scrupulously high and constant levels of hygiene. Using high precision Electronic Flow Meters from ENDRESS+HAUSER we can offer a Constant filling accuracy of± 0.2% whether dosing small or large volumes. Double inlet screw that allows to treat very difficult containers such as light shaped PET bottles. Lack of mechanical wear and consequently extremely low maintenance costs. Neck centering system for correct positioning of the bottle under the nozzle. Many combinations of filling volumes starting from 200ml to 2000ml for water or Juice bottles and many combinations of number of Rinsing/Filling/Capping Heads according to the output capacity required.

This Uniblock machine can be offered for output up to 12.000 BPH for 0.5 litr and 10.000 BPH for 1.5 litrs. The Monoblock Rinsing/Filling/Capping ensures smooth transfer from the Rinsing, Filling Turret to the Multi - Head Capping Turret which is available for all kind of plastic caps, screw-on or push-on or metal twist and screw caps.

Magnetic type Capping Heads with manual torque adjustment or Servo-Motor drive Capping Heads for difficult and sensitive capping applications with electronic torque adjustment from the PLC. Pick and Place Capping process is also available for most of the capping applications to ensure high performance of cap placement on the bottle neck.