Thomason Automatic Monoblock Cups Filling-Foil Sealing - Snap-On Lid Closing Machines model NAFSIKA, is available in different sizes according to the output requirements. According to the filling product we can offer different type of filling systems such as, Volumetric (piston type) - Mass Flow Meters- Flow Meters and Pump. We have the ability to modify any of our standard machines and serve the customers special request and needs. The NAFSIKA models can fill products such as, Foodstuff, all kind of Yogurts, Milk, Cream Cheese, Margarine, Butter, Jams, Dressings, Juices, Water in Cups cylindrical and rectangular shapes from 50 to 1000ml. The filling range extends from liquids to high viscosity products or products with particulates. This highly flexible filling, sealing and closing machine is solidly built and easy to operate.

The machine achieves rates up to 40 cycles/minute, depending on the product, volume, cup size and head space in the container. The plastic cups removed automatically from the pre­loaded magazine by mechanical cam picker and inserted into a pocket on the rotary indexing turntable. The turntable indexes to the Cup Filling Station where it is filled and then indexes to the feeding of the Pre-Cut aluminium foil (from magazine) and then to the Sealing Station where the Sealing Material is sealed to the Cup. The machine then indexes to the Lid Application Station where the Lid is applied to the cup with mechanical pick and place arm (from magazine). Finally the finished product indexes to the Automatic Eject Station where it is removed and placed on a rotary collecting table or unloading straight conveyor.

All functions are fully automatic and equipped with highly flexible mechanics. This machine can be offered with One to Four pockets depending on the cups size and the speed requirements. Mechanical indexing movement of the turntable controlled by Inverter for smooth rotation movement and speed adjustment. (Optional with Servo Motor) Thomason is offering ideal solutions for all those filling applications where flexibility, ease of use, rapid change­over and automated cleaning/washing (CIP) operations are considered to be of high importance. The option of the CIP cleaning connection makes the cleaning process very easy and secures hygiene operation of the machine when change from one type of product to another. Easy and quick change over from one type of product to another and from one size of cup to another.

Fully automatic operation with computerized control (B&R) and colored TFT touch screen 6' or 1 O' for user-friendly operation to adjust the machine functions and parameters. Can store unlimited formulas for easy change over. Fault diagnostic. Ethernet connection for technical assistance on line from our technical department. (Optional) The machine outside frame and doors are made out of Stainless Steel 304 and anodized aluminium parts. All product contact parts are made out of Stainless Steel 316L. High level of operating performance and reliability. Laminar Flow (HEPA) filters are available as optional. For difficult high viscous products we offer compensator unit instead of product hopper. The NAFSIKA models are customized to the needs of their customers always ensuring construction quality and efficiency at the highest level.