Thomason Automatic Monoblock Filling - Foil Cutting and Sealing - Capping Machines model ELIADA, are available in different sizes according to the output requirements. According to the filling product we can offer different type of filling systems such as, Volumetric (piston type)- Mass Flow Meters- Flow Meters and Pump. We have the ability to modify any of our standard machines and serve the customers special requests and needs. Mechanical indexing movement of the star-wheel controlled by Inverter for rotation speed adjustment and smooth operation. The ELIADA models can fill products such as, Liquid Detergents, Cosmetics, Foodstuff, Dairy, Juices, Edible Oils, Olive Oils, Lube Oils, Pharmaceuticals, in any kind of bottles and jars. Very flexible machine, ideal for low to medium productions which can reach up to 3000 bottles/jars per hour and the same machine can fill bottles and jars with difficult shapes. Is a compact machine with minimised space requirements. The standard machine which can be offered with One to Three Filling Heads, Single Foil Cutting/Sealing Heads (the Foil Unit is Optional) and Single Capping Head, can reach up to 3000 jars/hour.

For higher output demands we can offer this model with Four to Eight Filling Heads, Double Foil Cutting/Sealing Heads (the Foil Unit is Optional) and Two Capping Heads which can reach up to 4000-4500 jars/bottles per hour. For this output, the filling heads are moving continues together with the jars/bottles and indexing star-wheel, until the filling finishes and then they return back to start filling the next bottles which are already in the indexing star-wheel. Many combinations of filling volumes starting from 20ml to 5000ml jars and bottles. The optional system of the foil (aluminium or plastic) cutting and sealing cuts the foil from a roll and it has a rewinder system for the scrap foil. The cutting and sealing process is happening on the same stage to avoid any movement of the foil before sealing. The sealing is done by direct contact with heating elements and the sealing temperature is adjustable as well as the sealing time.

The Capping Unit can be offered for all kind of caps such as plastic screw or push-on, metal twist, metal ROPP and for difficult caps we offer Robot type Capping Heads for Pick and Place System. We can offer also a special closing system for Trigger and Pump caps. Servo Motors for the closing heads can be offered as optional when is needed electronic torque adjustment for the caps closing. Thomason is offering ideal solutions for all those filling applications where flexibility, ease of use, rapid change-over and automated cleaning/washing (CIP) operations are considered to be of high importance. The option of the CIP cleaning connection with dummy bottles makes the cleaning process very easy and secures hygiene operation of the machine when change from one type of product to another. Control systems ensures correct filling and closing of every bottle, and any faulty bottle is rejected onto a parallel discharge conveyor. Fully automatic operation with computerized control (B&R) and colored TFT touch screen 6' (1 0' Optional), for userfriendly operation to adjust the machine functions and parameters. Can store unlimited formulas for easy change over.

Bottom-up filling process and Motorized height adjustment for the filling heads can be offered as optional. Fault diagnostic information on the touch screen. Ethernet connection for technical assistance on line from our technical department. The machine outside frame and doors are made out of Stainless Steel 304 and all product contact parts are made out of Stainless Steei316L. Easy and quick change over from one type of product to another and from one size of bottle to another. High level of operating performance and reliability. Quick release change parts to minimize size change-over time. Laminar Flow Filters are available as optional for all ELIADA machines. For difficult and unstable bottles we are offering bottle pockets filling system with endless return conveyor. The ELIADA models are customized to the needs of their customers always ensuring construction quality and efficiency at the highest level.