Thomason Automatic Monoblock Weight Filling and Closing Machine model OLYMPUS/4W-1C, with single lane conveyor, Four Filling Heads and one closing head. The first Three Heads fill the product by timer and the fourth Filling Head fills the final portion by net weight system. This machine is suitable to fill liquid products in plastic jerry cans or metal containers from 5 to 25 litrs and is for low production requirements up to 400 containers of 20 litrs/hour depending of the filling product.

After the filling, on the same base, there is a Single Head Capping Unit with Pick and Place System or Direct Cap Collection to close the caps on the containers. Can be used for Plastic screw or push on caps or Metal lids with crimping system. The caps can be fed manually or automatic (by automatic cap shouter) on the Tins or Jerry Cans. The Net weight filling system ensures high filling accuracy. The same machine can be offered with twin lane system for double output which can go up to 800 containers.