Capping Solutions

There are many different technologies and capacities of capping machines available on the world market. Our company can offer all of them according product characteristics, container characteristics, fill size, daily production needs, plant environment, regulatory issues and hardware cost versus performance.


Our solutions

Thomason Automatic Capping Machine, model PEGASUS/DB with mechanical indexing movement of the star-wheel controlled by inverter for rotation speed adjustment and smooth operation and with one Capping Head suitable to handle all types of caps such as, pressure, screw pre-threated, oriented, triggers, twist, plastic and metal.

Thomason Automatic Rotary Capping Machine, Model PEGASUS can be supplied with Four to Twelve Capping Heads according to the output requirements. Magnetic Capping Heads with Crimpers or Vacuum to collect the caps from the cap distribution disc and place them on the bottle neck and then close them by means of screw or press-on.

DANAE/1-PP, with One Capping Head for Metal ROPP caps. Electro-pneumatic operation. Motorized drive of the capping head. Foot pedal signal and automatic capping cycle. The machine frame and base is made out of Stainless Steel 304. Adjustable height of the Capping Head by a hand-wheel to accompany different sizes of bottles.