THOMASON Automatic Monoblock Filling-Capping machine with 24 filling heads and 10 capping heads with torque adjustment for screw and push-on caps, model ROMO/24W-10. Suitable to fill lube oils and Vegetable oils in Plastic or PET bottles from 1.0 litr to 6.0 litrs. Net weight control for the filling system to ensure high accuracy and avoid variations in temperature or viscocity of the filling product.

Fully automatic operation with computerized control (B&R) and colored touch screen 10.4' for user-friendly operation to adjust the machine functions and parameters. Modem connection for technical assistance direct from our technical department. Stainless steel (304) construction for the machine base and frame and 316L for product contact parts. The option of the CIP cleaning connection with dummy bottles makes the cleaning process very easy and secures the hygiene of the machine when change from one type of product to another. This model is available with many combinations of number of filling and capping heads according to the output capacity required.