THOMASON Automatic monoblock weight filling and closing machine model HERMES/4-1, with single lane conveyor, Four filling heads and one closing head. The first 3 heads fills the product by timer and the 4th filling head fills the product by net weight system. This machine is suitable to fill liquid products in plastic jerry cans or metal containers from 5 to 25 liters and is for low output requirements, up to 400 containers of 20 litrs/hour depending of the filling product.. The caps can be fed manually or automatic (by automatic cap shouter) on the tins or jerry cans and are closed automatically by means of press-on, crimping or screw, depending of the type of cap.

Fully Automatic process controlled by PLC computer (B&R) and colored touch screen with full diagnostic and Ethernet connection for direct service assistance from our technical department. The Net weight filling system ensures high filling accuracy.  Stainless steel (304) construction for the machine base and frame and 316L for product contact parts.