THOMASON Automatic filling Line for Drums with 2 filling heads and 2 stainless steel Mass Flow meters, suitable to fill Lube Oils in drums or other low and medium viscosity products.


  • Manual placing of the drums on the inlet roller motorized conveyor.
  • Automatic movement of the drums under the filling area.
  • Inlet motorized roller conveyor with length as per customer requirements.
  • Two Stainless steel Mass Flow Meters complete with electronic Controls.
  • Two Automatic drum rotating systems (one under each filling nozzle) to Rotate (Register) the drums so that the mouth of each drum to be under each filling nozzle. This is controlled by photocells.
  • Ones the drums are registered and the mouth is under of filling heads then the Two filling nozzles dive in the drums (3-4cm) and the filling starts.
  • Fully automatic process.
  • All the machine operation is controlled by programmable PLC computer (B&R).
  • Manual closing of the caps with pneumatic rotor.