Automatic Volumetric in-line filling machine model OLYMPUS/12-NC combined with Automatic Rotary capping machine model PEGASUS/4-S. Filling Machine comes with Twelve filling heads, suitable to fill liquid and semi-liquid products (also high viscosity products containing small dices can be filled by using 3-way rotary filling valves and horizontal volumetric cylinders). Rotary Machine comes with four rotary servo capping heads which is picking and placing the caps on the bottles in line.

Fully automatic operation with computerized control (B&R) and colored touch screen 10.4' for user-friendly operation to adjust the machine functions and parameters, such as fillin volume, filling speed, bottle height, suction speed, nozzle dive-in and upwards speed, timers e.t.c. Fault diagnostic, Product temperature control unit and auto volume adjustment according to the product temperature (as optional). Ethernet connection for technical assistance direct from our technical department.

Olympus is available from two to fourteen filling heads according to the output capacity required per hour while Pegasus is available from one to four capping heads in the linear lines. Motorized operation incorporate with linear encoders for high filling accuracy. The machine outside frame and doors are made out of stainless steel 304 and all product contact parts are made out of stainless steel 316L. The option of the CIP cleaning connection with dummy bottles makes the cleaning process very easy and secures hygiene operation of the machine when change from one type of product to another. Ease and quick change from one size of product and bottle to another.